Wrong ages in England and Wales Census

How accurate are ages in 1841 census?

In general, the age of a person under 15 is probably accurate to within a year or two. For persons over 15, any age that is not a multiple of 5 is likely also to be accurate – for example, if a person is listed as 27, he or she probably really is 27 or thereabouts, rather than 25.

Why is the 1921 census not on Ancestry?

The 1921 England and Wales census records aren’t currently available on Ancestry because the National Archives has signed an exclusive deal with Findmypast . Researchers from Findmypast have spent three years delving into and digitising the findings of the 1921 census, which consists of 28,000 physical volumes.

What happened to the 1931 census?

19th December 1942 – Mystery fire destroys 1931 census. Unfortunately during the night on Saturday, 19 December 1942, an extensive fire broke out at an Office of Works store in Hayes, Middlesex. It destroyed all the 1931 census records (apart from the Scottish census that was safely stored in Edinburgh).

Why would someone be missing from the 1911 census?

The 1911 census and the suffragettes

In the second, women evaded the census by staying away from their home for the whole night, and so did not lodge their protest on the household schedule. In both cases, any details relating to individual women in the households will be missing from the census.

What does MS mean on 1841 census?

1841 Census Occupations Abbreviations

1841 Census Occupations Abbreviations
M. Manufacturer
m. Maker etc.
Mason Ap. Mason Apprentice
M.S. Male Servant (does not mention their particular duties)

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