Why would FamilySearch.org index be showing a person’s age in a marriage, if that’s not in the Parish Record?

What does int mean in genealogy?

G to Mgr

g Girl; information from gravestone
inh. Inherited
inq Inquisition; Inquest
inst Instant = the present month
int Intention

How far back do parish records go UK?

Parish registers were first created in England in 1538 when Henry VIII established the Church of England. By 1597, during Queen Elizabeth’s reign, the earliest parish registers were rewritten on vellum, or animal skin, from 1558.

Are parish records available online?

Although many parish records are available online, and this number is constantly increasing, many registers are only accessible in the local county record office. Some registers are still in use, so are still held by that church.

Where are parish records kept?

You will usually find parish registers at the local County Record office, or at websites like TheGenealogist that offer searchable transcripts and original images.

What does BM mean in marriage records?

Public announcement of an intended marriage, generally made in church. bapt. ( abbreviation) Baptized. base-born.

What does FM mean on a family tree?

FM. Foreman. F.S. Female Servant (does not mention their particular duties)

Do churches keep records of burial plots?

Churches do indeed keep records of burials – they have burial registers and usually a note is made of the grave number …….

Can you find out if someone has been Baptised?

CLASS. Baptism records are kept on file at the local church where the event occurred. Unlike other major life events like marriage, birth and death, the government does not require official documentation of baptisms; hence, no public records exist to determine if a baptism took place.

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