Which FHL microfilms are available to view online?

Can I access microfiche online?

Microfilm and Microfiche

Most collections, periodicals and materials are available in print and online. However, there are some collections and older materials that are available only microfiche and microfilm at the NSU Alvin Sherman Library.

How do I view FHL movies on ancestry?

Click on Film/Fiche Number and enter the FHL film number which you located on the Ancestry ‘Text-only’ record. Familysearch.org displays a list of the microfilm/s with that number and which contain the original records.

How do I access my microfilm?


  1. Click Advanced Search (next to the Search button)
  2. In the right–hand column, under Subject Catalog, select ‘Diplomatic Records”
  3. Enter any related Subject Terms (in the search box above) such as a country name.
  4. Hit “Search”

What does FHL film number mean?

The letters and numbers refer to a specific series of films housed in the National Archives. The third column is labeled FHL First Film. This is the first film number in a specific set of records in the collection of the Family History Library.

Can you look at microfilm online?

One may search an individual title in WorldCat, adding the word microfilm. Once the title is found, the full record will indicate if the item is part of a larger collection. One may then search the Library of Congress catalog or ask a reference librarian for assistance in finding the collection.

Do libraries still use microfiche?

Microfiche and microfilm still continue to exist – for how long is another question given digital advancements. However, microform continues to be used by libraries and other archive institutions.

How can I view a FHL film number?

You can go to https://www.familysearch.org/search/catalog/search to see what’s actually on that film.

What is a FamilySearch affiliate library?

What is a FamilySearch affiliate library? An affiliate library cooperates with FamilySearch International to help patrons have fun personal family history discoveries. This outcome is accomplished by affiliate libraries sharing FamilySearch’s digital record collections with patrons locally.

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