Where to find online records of New York City Potter’s Field / Hart Island pre-1980?

How do I find the history of a cemetery?

Locating a grave

  1. Locate the cemetery using a county map with cemetery locations.
  2. Uncover oral history through relatives or friends.
  3. Use death certificates and obituaries.
  4. Check for funeral Home records.
  5. Visit a local or state historical society.
  6. Check with local genealogical organizations.
  7. Visit a local public library.

How do I find someone buried on Hart Island?

Hart Island records are searchable through the Hart Island database with records dating back to 1977, which enables members of the public to determine if a loved is buried on the island.

Is Hart Island the same as Potter’s Field?

Hart Island: The City Cemetery. Currently, the Department of Correction (DOC) maintains and operates the City Cemetery, commonly known as Potter’s Field, located on Hart Island, in Long Island Sound. The cemetery on Hart Island is purportedly the largest tax-funded cemetery in the world.

Why is Hart Island abandoned?

During the Cold War, Nike defense missiles were stationed on Hart Island. The island was intermittently used as a prison and a homeless shelter until 1967; the last inhabited structures were abandoned in 1977.
Hart Island (Bronx)

Length 1.0 mi (1.6 km)
Width 0.33 mi (0.53 km)
State New York
City New York City

Are burial locations public record?

The court found that names of individuals buried in the cemetery were death records, which are public under the state law.

How do you trace a grave?

Find a Grave

  1. Go to www.Findagrave.com.
  2. Enter the first name (if known) and the last name of your ancestor. The last name is required.
  3. Enter any additional information, if known, such as year of birth and the place your ancestor may be buried. If you don’t know this information, simply leave the field blank.

Why is Potter’s Field called that?

Prior to Akeldama’s use as a burial ground, it had been a site where potters collected high-quality, deeply red clay for the production of ceramics, thus the name potters’ field.

How do I find out where someone is buried in NYC?

  1. Go to the FamilySearch Catalog.
  2. Enter: New York in the Place box.
  3. Click on: Search.
  4. Click on: Cemeteries.
  5. Click on: Places within New York.
  6. Click on the county you want to search.
  7. Click on: Cemeteries.

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