Where are 1910 US census records for Topeka State Hospital Inmates?

Why did Topeka State Hospital close?

The Topeka State Hospital, often referred to as the Topeka Insane Asylum, opened its doors in 1872 to the medically and criminally insane. For over 100 years, reports of abuse and murder came out of the hospital, and it eventually closed its doors in 1997 due to the abuse and overcrowding.

Did Kansas have a state census?

Kansas censuses are available at the Kansas Historical Society from 1855 through 1930 on microfilm. Indexes for selected years are also available. These records are available online from Ancestry free to Kansans by verifying their driver’s license. After 1925, Kansas did not take a full state census.

When did Topeka State Hospital closed?


In the wake of the Mental Health Movement, the State Hospital was forced to close in 1997 due to overcrowding and years of abuse. The best-known building (pictured above) along with several others were torn down in 2010.

What happened at Topeka State Hospital?

On February 23, 1992, Uhlrig and another therapist took Waddell and other patients off grounds to watch a movie. Upon returning to the hospital and dropping off the other patients, Waddell attacked and killed Uhlrig, and her body was found in the bathroom in one of the buildings on the grounds.

Can I view census records for free?

Visit the National Archives Website to access 1940 and 1950 Census records. Many public libraries also allow their patrons free access to genealogy Websites that have databases of the digitized 1790 to 1950 censuses records. Ask you library if it subscribes to one of these services and how you can access it.

How do I access US Census records?

Publications related to the census data collected from are available at https://www.census.gov/library/publications.html. Visit the National Archives Web site to access 1940 and 1950 Census records. Decennial census records are confidential for 72 years to protect respondents’ privacy.

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