When did printed register books come into use in England and Wales?

When was the 1939 Register released?

When and why the Register was compiled. The 1939 Register was taken on 29 September 1939. The information was used to produce identity cards and, once rationing was introduced in January 1940, to issue ration books.

When was the first printed book published?

868 A.D.

The Diamond Sutra, a Buddhist book from Dunhuang, China from around 868 A.D. during the Tang Dynasty, is said to be the oldest known printed book. The Diamond Sutra was created with a method known as block printing, which utilized panels of hand-carved wood blocks in reverse.

How do I find my 1939 Register on ancestry?

Quote from video: Type your ancestors name and any other details you know then click search. In the records you'll find your ancestors name gender. Address date of birth marital status and occupation.

What was the 1939 England and Wales register?

The register was used to issue identity cards, organize rationing and more. While the 1939 Register is not a census, it is arranged along similar lines and includes similar information. It does, however, show exact dates of birth, while census returns simply give a person’s age.

Why are some names blacked out on the 1939 census?

You will see some records covered by a black line in the 1939 Register. These are the records of individuals who were born less than 100 years ago and whose death has not been registered. This is to protect their privacy if they are still alive.

What happened to the 1931 census?

19th December 1942 – Mystery fire destroys 1931 census. Unfortunately during the night on Saturday, 19 December 1942, an extensive fire broke out at an Office of Works store in Hayes, Middlesex. It destroyed all the 1931 census records (apart from the Scottish census that was safely stored in Edinburgh).

When did printed books become common?

Fast forward to the 15th century and printing had gone mainstream, all thanks to the invention of the printing press in 1439 CE by Johannes Gutenberg. This mechanical device allowed for the printing of books, newspapers, and pamphlets to be brought to the masses.

When was the first book printed in England?


Intro. William Caxton was the first Englishman to learn to use a printing press. The Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye was his first printed book, and the first book printed anywhere in English. It was produced in 1473 on the Continent, in either Bruges or Ghent.

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