What year to record for info discovered in annual City Directories?

How was information collected for city directories?

They employed sales associates and census enumerators to go door to door to collect information, sell advertising and make sales for their new directories.

How do city directories work in genealogy?

Quote from video: That then takes me down to a list of about 1900 directories i can then filter. Further by location if i want if you're looking for a specific town or a specific state you can filter by u.s.

What information is contained in a city directory?

City directories contain helpful information to trace individuals, families and businesses. They usually include an alphabetical listing of the adult residents, with their occupation and address, listings of businesses, churches, schools, social organizations, municipal services, etc.

What does a city directory show?

These often list the adult residents of a city or area. The most helpful directories for genealogical research are city and county directories of local residents and businesses. These are generally published annually and may include an individual’s address, occupation, spouse’s name, and other helpful facts.

Do they still make city directories?

Some of the privately published directories for a city date back over a hundred and fifty years, and some collections are nearly complete for every year in which a directory was published. Surprisingly, those that exist are quite easy to find. They are usually located in the public library serving a particular city.

What does B mean in city directory?

room and board

b, bdg, bds. boards (room and board)

What does H mean in a city directory?


I have done extensive New York City directory research. Sometimes addresses appear with an h. for house, particularly if the person also has a business address.

What does DVP mean in genealogy?

dvp: (Latin, decessit vita patris) died in the lifetime of the father. d.y:died young.

How do you abbreviate profession?

Occupations were often written in abbreviated form in historic documents.

List of Occupation Abbreviations.

acct accountant
agcy agency
agt agent
ap, app apprentice
appr appraiser, apprentice

How do you write professor in short?

Prof. is a written abbreviation for professor.

What is the abbreviation for position?


Acronym Definition
POSN Position
POSN Position Number (Army UMR)

What does Doc mean in police terms?

DOC: Department of Corrections.

What are the 5 types of abbreviation?

According to Schendl (2001: 28-29) abbreviation consists of five types; they are:

  • Clipping word. Clipping word, syllable is cut off from a word. …
  • Blends. Blends are formed from the part of existing words and a combination of the parts of two words. …
  • Acronym. …
  • Initialism. …
  • Contraction. …
  • Clipping word. …
  • Acronym. …
  • Initialism.

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