What was the weather like?

How was the weather or what was the weather like?

Both “How is the weather?” and “What is the weather like?” are perfectly correct, grammatical English, and native speakers ask both of those questions all the time.

What’s the weather like meaning?

If a person didn’t know what I mean (the current weather condition) this person could conclude that “What is the weather like in Spain?” is the only way of asking a question about weather. “What is the weather like” is the kind of question one encounters in handbooks of English.

How do you ask about the weather?

Some questions you might hear

  1. Is it hot or cold?
  2. Is it sunny, should I take sunglasses?
  3. Is it raining outside?
  4. Should I take my umbrella?
  5. What’s the weather forecast?
  6. What’s the weather expected to be tomorrow?
  7. What’s the temperature?
  8. How’s the weather?

What types of weather are there?

The five main types of weather are: sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy, and stormy.

How do you explain weather to a child?

Quote from video: When we can see the sun we say it's sunny sunny what do you see now oh there are clouds. When we see many clouds in the sky. We say it's cloudy cloudy what do you see through the window.

What is weather very short answer?

Weather is the day-to-day state of the atmosphere, and its short-term variation in minutes to weeks. People generally think of weather as the combination of temperature, humidity, precipitation, cloudiness, visibility, and wind.

How do you teach kids about weather?

Educating Children About Weather and Climate

  1. Set up a classroom weather station. …
  2. Share observations and fun facts about weather. …
  3. Track hurricanes and learn about funnel clouds. …
  4. Take time to watch or read the local weather forecast. …
  5. Keep a weather journal throughout the school year.

Why do we have weather?

Weather on Earth is caused by heat from the sun and movement of the air. All weather happens in the lower layer of Earth’s atmosphere, which is a layer of gases surrounding Earth. The sun’s heat warms the air in this layer to different temperature levels in different places.

What is weather definition for kindergarten?

Weather is what the sky and the air outside are like, such as cold and cloudy. The weather is more than just wind or rain, but also includes some stunning effects in the sky like rainbows, flashes of lightning, and sunsets. Our lives can be affected by the weather.

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