What source detail should I include for a digital book?

What information do you need to include when setting up your book source?

The citation should also include the title of the book in italics, the publisher, year of publication, and the page range details for the section being cited. Author’s Last Name, First Name.

How do you cite a digital book?

Last, First M. Book Title. E-book ed., Publisher, year of publication. Name of e-reader device.

What should be included in an eBook?

11 Essential Elements of Effective Ebook Design

  1. 1) An Interesting, Descriptive Title.
  2. 2) A Visual Cover.
  3. 3) Skill/Topic/Persona Tags.
  4. 4) An Author Page.
  5. 5) A Table of Contents.
  6. 6) Chapter Title Pages.
  7. 7) Social Sharing Buttons.
  8. 8) Visual Elements.

What kind of source is an e-book?

It might be a book or an eBook if: You found it in the Library Catalog, eBook Central, or in an open source platform like Project Gutenberg. The publication information includes a geographic place (for print books) and publisher name. The publication date is usually only listed as a year.

How do you list sources in a book?

The basic form for a book citation is: Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. City of Publication, Publisher, Publication Date.

Can I mention a website in my book?

It’s also fine to link to something online from your website, blog, or publication. Linking does not require permission. Finally, if your use falls within “fair use,” you do not need permission.

How DOI cite a digital book in APA?

To cite an ebook in your work, use the usual in-text citation format of author’s surname and year of publication. In an APA reference list entry, include the author’s last name and first initial, the year of publication, the italicized title of the book, and the retrieval information or DOI number.

How do you cite an apple book?

Author’s Last Name, First Name Middle Initial. Title of Book: Subtitle of Book. edition. Place of Publication: Publisher, Year.
Common file types include:

  1. EPUB (Standard e-reader format; used by iPad/iPod/iPhone, Nook, Sony Reader, etc.)
  2. AZW (Kindle)
  3. Some e-readers also support Adobe PDF, MS Word, and other file types.

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