What records are available that might contain someone’s blood type?

What records can I find my blood type?

The easiest way is to quickly check your birth certificate, since blood type is sometimes listed in birth records, Dr. Lee says.

Where are blood types documented?

A person usually visits a clinic or doctor’s office to find out their blood type. There, a doctor or nurse draws a blood sample and sends it to a lab for testing. However, there are ways of determining blood type at home.

How do I find out my blood type for free?

How to find out your blood type for free. One way to find out your blood type is to donate blood. If you donate to community blood supplies, ask the staff if they’ll be able to tell you your blood type. Many donation centers are able to provide that information.

Does your birth certificate show your blood type?

Does your birth certificate list your blood type? In general, the answer is no. Birth certificates do not list blood type.

What documents have your blood type Philippines?

Upon the enactment of the measure, an individual is required “to secure a certificate from a pathologist to validate [his or her] blood type,” which shall be included in the following government-issued documents: driver’s license, birth certificate, Philippine passport, Philippine National Police (PNP) firearms license …

What determines blood type?

How Is My Blood Type Determined? It’s inherited. Like eye color, blood type is passed genetically from your parents. Whether your blood group is type A, B, AB or O is based on the blood types of your mother and father.

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