What kinds of records should I be searching for a ticketed crew member who transported across on a ship?

What to do if you find a stowaway?

Any stowaways found should be placed in secure quarters, guarded if possible, and be provided with adequate food and water. They should be searched as well as the place where they were found for identification papers. Where there is more than one stowaway, they should be detained separately.

What happens to stowaways on ships?

The presence of stowaways on board ships may bring serious consequences for ships and, by extension, to the shipping industry as a whole; the ship could be delayed in port; the repatriation of stowaways can be a very complex and costly procedure involving masters, shipowners, port authorities and agents; and the life …

Who picks up the pilot who is on his way to the ship?

Every ship that enters and leaves a port must have a harbor pilot aboard. Once the ship reaches open water, a small boat picks up the harbor pilot and returns the pilot to port. The captain then resumes full command of the ship.

What is Seaman passenger?

An engineer or contractor who is traveling to/from working on a vessel or offshore platform. Other personnel traveling to or from a vessel.

What responsibility does the third officer have in a stowaway search?

To keep a navigational watch at sea and at anchor as per Master’s standing orders.

Are stowaways illegal?

Legal consequences

Stowaways may risk being fined or imprisoned, since it is illegal in most jurisdictions to embark on aircraft, boats or trains as stowaways. Airports, sea ports and train stations are typically marked as “no trespassing” or “private property” zones to anyone but customers and employees.

How were stowaways punished?

On board ship they were lashed, beaten, starved, sometimes stripped naked or near-naked, had ice-cold sea water thrown over them, were generally ill-treated and, on occasion, handcuffed. All the stowaways were regularly beaten except Peter Currie, whose father was a friend of first mate James Kerr.

What was the punishment for stowaway?

The International Maritime Dictionary defines “stowaway” as a person hiding on a departing vessel for the purpose of obtaining free passage. Under U.S. law, stowaways are subject to criminal prosecution (18 U.S.C. 2199) and a $1,000 fine or one year in prison, or both.

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