What Island is likely to be mentioned on 19th Century Somerset Will?

What are the two islands off Weston-Super-Mare?

Administratively it forms part of the unitary authority of North Somerset within the ceremonial county of Somerset; between 1 April 1974 and 1 April 1996, it was administered as part of Avon. Nearby is Flat Holm island (Welsh: Ynys Echni), part of Wales.
Steep Holm.

Civil Parish Weston-super-Mare

Who owns the island of Steep Holm?

the Kenneth Allsop Memorial Trust

Steep Holm, a small island in the Bristol Channel, is owned and managed by the Kenneth Allsop Memorial Trust. It lies nearly six miles offshore from the seaside resort of Weston-super-Mare in Somerset.

What are the 2 islands in the Bristol Channel?

This was my reward for finding how to get on to the get-away-from-it-all islands of Flatholm and Steepholm in the middle of the Bristol Channel. Thousands gaze from those busy coasts wondering how to reach the two mysterious islands standing a few miles offshore.

What is the island off Brean Sands?

Steep Holm

Steep Holm is an island at 78 acres above sea level just off Brean Down, near Burnham-on-Sea. An island full of history, the site housed a signal station or watchtower on the island in Roman times and was also fortified with weapons during the 19th century and during both World Wars.

Is there a pub on Flat Holm?

Alternatively there is the option to have a drink at the Flat Holm pub, The Gull and Leek, which stocks a fine selection of local ales and ciders.

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