What is this hand written, abbreviated month?

What is abbreviated month?

How Do You Abbreviate the Word Month? The short form of month is usually abbreviated as MTH, however as the purpose of an abbreviation is to save on space and month itself isn’t too long of a word it’s rare to see this form used. MTH is usually relegated to small displays particularly in clocks and calendars.

How do you write abbreviated date?

1. In most countries of the world, dates are written in order DAY/MONTH/YEAR, e.g., 4 July 1999, abbreviated 4/7/1999. 2.

How do you abbreviate month over month?

Month-over-month (MoM) growth shows the change in the value of a specific metric as a percentage of the previous month’s value. Month-over-month growth is often used to measure the growth rate of monthly revenue, active users, number of subscriptions, or other key metrics.

How do you write months?

The month abbreviated

Write the first three letters of the month, followed by a period. Don’t abbreviate May, June, and July. In formal writing, abbreviations for dates are useful in tables and charts but avoided in running text. In British style, the form is day-month-year.

What is the abbreviation for the month of May?


No. Month Abbreviation
4 April Apr.
5 May May
6 June June
7 July July

How do you abbreviate January?

Months of the Year Abbreviations

  1. Jan. – January.
  2. Feb. – February.
  3. Mar. – March.
  4. Apr. – April.
  5. May – May.
  6. Jun. – June.
  7. Jul. – July.
  8. Aug. – August.

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