What is the significance of a “right of dower” in this 1830s era deed (Ohio/New Hampshire, USA)?

What is a dower right in Ohio?

Originally a protection created for widows who survive their husbands, a dower right is an interest in real estate intended to protect a spouse who does not hold title. Dower has fallen by the wayside in most states as an antiquated concept, but in Ohio dower rights are alive and well.

What is the purpose of the dower Act?

The Dower Act has been a part of Alberta law since 1917, and was put in place to protect spouses who are married to an owner of real property by giving the spouse who is not on the property title Dower rights to a homestead. A “homestead” is defined as the home where the married couple lived during the marriage.

What does right to dower mean?

A Dower is a common law that entitled a widow to a portion of her husband’s estate in absence of a will. The provision of dower allowed the wife to provide for herself and any children born during the marriage. In most circumstances, the widow was granted up to one-third interest in her husband’s assets.

Is New Hampshire a dower state?

New Hampshire Property Division General Information

New Hampshire is an equitable distribution state, and only property acquired during the course of the marriage is subject to division following divorce.

Does Ohio recognize dower rights?

A dower right is a real estate interest intended to protect a spouse who does not hold title. Ohio, Arkansas and Kentucky are the only states that retain dower rights. Dower rights generally kick in after someone has died.

Is dower abolished in Ohio?

In June 2018, the Ohio House of Representatives passed House Bill No. 407 to abolish statutory dower.

What is a dower form?

The actual Dower release is a document that you sign with a lawyer. The release includes an Affidavit in support of Dower release. Since the document registration applied to a single title to land, it only works for one specific property. If rights apply to multiple properties, each requires its own document.

Do dower rights apply to common law?

Dower rights occur only in marriage – not in common-law or “Adult Interdependent Partner” relationships. Dower rights terminate upon divorce or if the party holding the interest provides a Release of Dower that can be registered on title to the property in question.

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