What is the relationship name of my (brother/sister)-in-law’s (brother/sister) to me?

Originally Answered: What do you call the sibling of your sibling-in-law (e.g. The brother of your sister’s husband)? Nothing. That sibling is legally and genealogically a stranger to you. Your spouse’s siblings (full, half or step) and your siblings’ spouses are all your brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law.

What is your sister-in-law’s sibling called?

Well there isn’t a special name for this – he is just your brother-in-law’s brother. Or your sister’s brother-in-law.

What do you call your siblings in laws?

More commonly a sibling-in-law is referred to as a brother-in-law for a male sibling-in-law, and a sister-in-law for a female one. Sibling-in-law also refers to the reciprocal relationship between a person’s spouse and their sibling’s spouse.

What is my sister-in-law’s husband called to me?

Definition of co-brother: Sister in law’s (wife’s sister) husband. Ah!

What do you call your sibling-in-law’s spouse?

The brother of your spouse is called your brother-in-law. If your spouse has a sister, she is your sister-in-law. You also call your own siblings’ spouses your brother-in-law (the husband of your sibling) or sister-in-law (the wife of your sibling).

Is your brother-in-law’s brother your brother-in-law?

Normally, you would say “my brother in law’s brother”. If you and William are very close, I suppose you could call him “my brother in law” in casual conversation, or just “a friend”. Just say “brother-in-law” unless there is some reason that a more precise relationship is needed.

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