What is the origin of the surname ‘Dubé’?

The prestigious surname Dube comes from the region of Provence, in France. The surname Dube is of local origin, and is therefore a type of hereditary surname. Local surnames are derived either from an already existing place-name or from a local feature of the geography.

What does dubé mean?

Dubé and Dube are common surnames, mostly French-based. Dube, Dubey and Dobé are surnames frequently used in Southern Africa (Dube)), common in Zimbabwe and South Africa, and India (mostly northern parts of India (Uttar Pradesh)). Dube directly translates to the english word Zebra (iDube).

Where does the surname originate from?

The majority of surnames are derived from the name of a male ancestor. These evolved from pre-existing non-permanent naming customs whereby an individual was identified by reference to a male ancestor or ancestors.

Where do the Dube people come from?

The surname Dube means ‘zebra’ in isiNdebele in Zimbabwe. The surname is also widely found in South Africa. In Zimbabwe the surname is borne by the kalanga clan.

What tribe is Dube?

Dube was born of royal lineage and was, by right, a chief of the Qadi tribe. Because of his father’s conversion to Christianity by early missionaries in pre-republic South Africa, he did not rule over the Qadi people. Dube’s surname was actually Ngcobo, who had the chieftaincy of the Qadi people of the Zulu.

What ethnicity is the last name Dube?

Dubé is a French surname commonly found in Quebec.

How do you pronounce Dube?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Dube. D-OO-b-ai. dube.
  2. Meanings for Dube. Also Dubé (another variation) is a French surname.
  3. Examples of in a sentence. South African reggae star Lucky Dube shot dead in attempted hijacking. …
  4. Translations of Dube. Hindi : दुबे
  5. What is the rarest last name?

    Here are 100 of the Rarest Last Names in the U.S. as of the 2010 Census

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    Where did my ancestors come from?

    Tracing Ancestor’s Origins Through Immigration Records

    After gathering information through census records you’ll want to search immigration and naturalization records. If your ancestor immigrated to the United States, databases at the National Archives, Ancestry, and FamilySearch should be searched, among others.

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