What is the origin of the Maltese/Gozitan surname “Apap”?

The surname “Apap” is a shortening of “De Apapis”, which was used from at least the 1400s up until the 1700s in Gozo, Malta in its longer form. Family tradition is that the surname derives in some form from the latin Apis, meaning bee, which features on our family crest and may link to the knight’s templar.

What nationality is the surname Maltese?


Maltese is an Italian surname, meaning literally “Maltese” or “from Malta”.

Why do most Maltese share 100 surnames?

“This means that three-quarters of the whole population carry the top 100 surnames, while the remaining 23.98 per cent – 97,076 people – share the remaining 12,210 surnames,” Dr Cassar said. This, he said, probably shows a degree of inbreeding. “That is why we suffer from a lot of chronic illnesses – such as diabetes.”

What does Grech mean in Maltese?

What does ‘Grech’ mean? The Greek ‘Gregorios’ is a derivative of gregorein meaning ‘to be awake’ or ‘to be watchful’. However, the Latin form, Gregorius, was associated with folk etymology, namely grex, gregis, meaning ‘flock’ or ‘herd’. Just think of the collective noun ‘aggregate’.

Is Vella a common name in Malta?

Let’s talk about ‘vella’. That’s vel-la: a simple name to pronounce but one of the most popular Maltese surnames according to a 2011 census. Indeed, Vella is a family name that carries some serious worth.

Where does the name Schembri come from?

Maltese: from Maltese xkembri, denoting a kind of lemon, or perhaps from Italian schembro ‘mackerel’.

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