What is the meaning of “Bound To” in this 18th Century US (Virginia) Will?

What does Bound mean in Census records?

Relationships and Occupations

Abbreviation Definition
Bo Boarder
B.Boy Bound Boy
B.Girl Bound Girl
Bu Butler

What does it mean when someone was bound to someone?

If one person, thing, or situation is bound to another, they are closely associated with each other, and it is difficult for them to be separated or to escape from each other.

What does the last name bounds mean?

Last name: Bounds

It was originally used to signify a farmer holding lands from and bound by loyalty to a lord, and hence a free landowner. Only after the Norman Conquest did the name become associated with the idea of bound servitude. The final “s” indicates the patronymic form.

What does bound out mean?

1 Comment. “Binding Out” was a labor system that connected host families with poor boys and girls willing to serve their masters and mistresses as apprentices or servants. The average term of service was just over ten years.

Will be bound means?

Definition of I’ll be bound

used to stress that one is sure of something It’ll be dark soon, I’ll be bound.

What does Bound mean in law?

bind. to impose legal obligations or duties upon a person or party to an agreement. TO BIND, BINDING, contracts. These words are applied to the contract entered into, between a master and an apprentice the latter is said to be bound.

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