What is occupation that looks like “Pre MJ” on 1841 census from Cornwall, England?

What does FS mean on the 1841 census?

F.S. ~ Female Servant (1841 Census)

What is FS in census?

However, from the 1851 census onwards, these ‘occupation’ abbreviations were significantly reduced. By the 1871 census, the only permitted census abbreviation to describe an occupation was ‘Ag. Lab.
Census Abbreviations.

Details Census year
Female servant F.S. 1841
Servant Serv. 1861.

Was there a 1831 census?

The 1801-1831 censuses are generally neither indexed nor transcribed, making any digitised collection from that era a rare treasure. These censuses were predominantly head counts, taken by Overseers of the Poor to procure an understanding of population growth.

What does PWC mean on 1939 register?

PWC, Political Warfare Committee.

What does RW mean on a census?

Occupational qualification (women) R (Rw) Residential qualification (women) S. Service (military) voter.

Why can’t I find someone on the 1939 register?

Why are some records closed on the 1939 Register? You will see some records covered by a black line in the 1939 Register. These are the records of individuals who were born less than 100 years ago and whose death has not been registered. This is to protect their privacy if they are still alive.

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