What information would be on a 1915 Arkansas death certificate?

What details are shown on a death certificate?

The person’s full name, residence, date and place of death and the names of their executors or administrators are recorded; it’s just the age, cause of death and information about the informant that are missing.

When did Arkansas Start death certificates?


Arkansas statewide registration of deaths began in 1914. Some Little Rock and Fort Smith records from 1881 are also available from the state. Public access to death records from Arkansas is restricted to deaths that occurred more than 50 years ago.

What does old age mean on a death certificate?

To “die of old age” means that someone has died naturally from an ailment associated with aging. The same usually goes for “dying of natural causes.” Traditionally, government health authorities have required resident’s causes of death to be listed on death certificates.

Is cause of death public record?

A death certificate is a permanent public record of the disease or injury responsible for the death (the cause of death) and the explanation of how the cause arose (the manner of death).

Does death certificate show cause of death?

The cause of death will be recorded on the death certificate. This will be established by either a medical professional or, in the event that the cause is initially unknown, by a coroner.

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