What information is contained in Isle of Man birth, marriage, and death certificates?

What information do the records provide?

  • Date.
  • Place of death.
  • Forename and surname.
  • Sex.
  • Age.
  • Occupation.
  • Cause of death.
  • Name of informant.

What information is on a British death certificate?

name of the deceased. sex, age and occupation of deceased and possibly their home address. the cause of death – if there was an inquest it may be possible to obtain a copy of the coroner’s report. the name and address of informant and possibly their relationship to the deceased.

How do I get my birth certificate from the Isle of Man?

In person: Because of the present circumstances if you wish to collect certificates in person please purchase first online. Please let the Civil Registry team know that this is what you wish to do by calling +44 1624 687039 after you have purchased the certificate online.

What information is on a Scottish marriage certificate?

The present address of the couple if different to their usual addresses. If either or both of the couple were widowed, whether this was their second or third marriage. The number of living and dead children of the marriage partners by each of the former marriages.

What information is on a Scottish death certificate?

Information recorded in the registers. Cause of death.
Most records include:

  • name and surname of deceased.
  • occupation.
  • marital status.
  • if married the name of the spouse.
  • when and where died.
  • sex.
  • age.
  • name, surname and occupation of father.

What information is given on a death certificate?

Death records

These records will state the date and place of death, age, occupation, final residence and cause of death of the deceased. It will also include the name and relationship of the person notifying the authorities and sometimes can give an indication on whether a spouse is still alive.

What information is on a birth certificate UK?

Details shown on a full birth certificate

FBCs issued in England and Wales have shown the full name, place and date of birth of the registered person, and the names of the parent(s). Since 1 April 1969, FBCs have also shown the places of birth of the parent(s).

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