What happened to the original household schedules used to produce the 1939 Register?

When did they stop updating the 1939 Register?

The 1939 Register was continually updated while National Registration was in force, and continued to be used by the National Health Service after the war. The records were regularly updated until 1991.

Why are records closed on 1939 Register?

This is down to privacy regulations preventing us from publishing records of anyone born less than 100 years ago and still alive. The Register was updated until 1991, meaning the record of anyone who died after 1991 might still be closed.

How long was the 1939 Register updated?

The 1939 Register, unlike standard censuses, was continually updated and later evolved into the NHS Central Register, which was maintained up until 1991. As a result, details of individuals who were born less than 100 years’ ago, but whose death was recorded in the Register up until 1991, are also generally available.

When was the 1939 Register released to the public?

I’m thrilled to announce some marvellous news: the 1939 Register will be made available online for the very first time on the 2nd of November 2015, only on Findmypast. Simply put, it’s the most comprehensive survey ever taken of the civil population of England and Wales.

Will the 1921 census be available on ancestry UK?

Why isn’t the 1921 census on Ancestry? The 1921 England and Wales census records aren’t currently available on Ancestry because the National Archives has signed an exclusive deal with Findmypast .

Is the 1921 census available?

The 1921 Census is not immediately available within any subscription, including via libraries. It is only available via pay-per-view access for the initial period. Library patrons are still able to purchase 1921 Census returns like any other user via a personal account.

What happened to the 1931 census?

19th December 1942 – Mystery fire destroys 1931 census. Unfortunately during the night on Saturday, 19 December 1942, an extensive fire broke out at an Office of Works store in Hayes, Middlesex. It destroyed all the 1931 census records (apart from the Scottish census that was safely stored in Edinburgh).

Why are some ancestry records officially closed?

The records of people who are younger than 100 and still alive, or who died after 1991, are officially closed, to protect the privacy of individuals and their families. More than 33.7 million records are available to view, and more will be added as individual records become available under the 100-year rule.

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