What does “R F D” stand for in a city directory?

The directory has four sections: (1) A roughly alphabetical list of businesses, heads of households and employed adults in the city, with occupation and the number in the family; (2) A list of persons on the city’s four rural mail routes (RFD = Rural Free Delivery); (3) Corrections; and (4) A classified list of the …

What does RFD stand for in an address?

Rural Free Delivery (RFD), service begun in the United States in 1896 to deliver mail directly to farm families. Before RFD, rural inhabitants had to pick up mail themselves at sometimes distant post offices or pay private express companies for delivery.

What do the initials RFD mean?

RFD is an abbreviation of ‘rural free delivery. ‘

When was rural free delivery established?

October 1, 1896

On October 1, 1896, rural free delivery (RFD) service began in Charles Town, Halltown, and Uvilla in West Virginia, Postmaster General Wilson’s home state. Within a year, 44 routes were operating in 29 states.

What is my RFD number?

A unique 4-digit number is assigned to your residence, which must be written exactly as the following example, “3110 RFD.” It is used for all mail and official purposes, or the post office will not guarantee delivery. It is not a post office box number. Its location, your street name, is up to you to give out.

Why did I get a rural customer delivery instructions?

PS Form 4232 Instructions

If parcels do not require a signature to be delivered, the rural customer is able to choose how they want their mail to be handled when they are absent at the time of delivery. They can instruct that parcels be left outside on the porch or that the parcel is to be picked up at the post office.

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