What does M mean in the ‘Free or Slave’ field in the 1850 US Federal Census Mortality Schedule?

What does M mean on slave records?


Sex. Color. This column was to be marked with a “B” if the slave was Black and an “M” if they were Mulatto. Listed in the same row as the owner, the number of uncaught escaped slaves in the past year. Listed in the same row as the owner, the number of slaves freed from bondage in the past year.

What does M mean on census?


M. Mother. Ml. Mother-in-Law. N.

How were slaves listed on the census?

The federal government conducts a census every ten years. The Federal Constitution stipulated that slaves were counted as three-fifths of a resident for tax purposes and the apportionment of the House of Representatives.

How do you find a slave owner on ancestry?

Finding the last slave owner

  1. If your ancestor has an uncommon last name, search censuses for white people with the same surname as your ancestor in the same area. …
  2. Search the Freedmen’s Bureau for your ancestor’s name. …
  3. Search the U.S. Colored Troops Military Service Records and the Civil War Pension Index.

How do you know if you have a slave name?

The owner may be identified in a marriage record, a labor contract, an outrage, or any number of other record types created by the Bureau. Freedman’s Bank Records. The registers of deposits often name the slave owner in addition to members of the immediate family. Southern Claims Commission Records.

What is your slave name?

A slave name is the personal name given by others to an enslaved person, or a name inherited from enslaved ancestors. The modern use of the term applies mostly to African Americans and West Indians who are descended from enslaved Africans who retain their name given to their ancestors by the enslavers.

What does MS mean on 1841 census?

1841 Manufacturer. m. 1841 Maker – as in ‘Shoe m. ‘ MS 1841 Male servant.

What does M stand for in family tree?

for born, bap. for baptised, m. for married and bur. for buried, and use this abbreviation throughout your family tree.

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