What does ‘in attendance’ mean on an England death certificate?

For deaths that occurred at home, the informant was usually either by someone “present at the death” or someone “in attendance”. The latter means someone who was tending to the deceased during their final illness, but was not present when they died.

What does in attendance mean on a death certificate?

In attendance would be someone who had been caring/nursing the deceased but not necessarially present at death. .http://www.rootschat.com/links/05q2/

How do I read a death certificate UK?

What information is on a UK death certificate?

  1. Registration district, sub-district and county. The registration location provides the official area where the death was registered. …
  2. Full name of deceased person. …
  3. Date of death. …
  4. Place of death. …
  5. Gender. …
  6. Maiden name of deceased. …
  7. Birth details. …
  8. Informant details.

What information is on a death certificate England?

In England and Wales, a death certificate holds the following information: date and place of death – from the late nineteenth century an address may be given rather than the name of an institution (e.g. City Hospital will appear as 77 Dudley Road) name of the deceased.

What does qualification mean on a death certificate?

This may explain it: … someone whose qualification is “causing the burial or cremation…..” is … the person who is giving the instructions to the undertaker – or in the past – was doing the funeral arrangements themselves.

How is cause of death determined?

A cause of death is determined by a medical examiner. The cause of death is a specific disease or injury, in contrast to the manner of death which is a small number of categories like “natural”, “accident”, “suicide”, and “homicide”, which have different legal implications.

Who completes the medical portion of a death certificate after a person is pronounced dead?

A pronouncing physician is a physician who determines that the decedent is legally dead, but was not in charge of the patient’s care for the illness or condition that resulted in death. The attending physician is responsible for completing the cause-of-death section (item 32).

Can I view a death certificate online UK?

An online search of the General Register Office (GRO) on the other hand, can help you find death records between 1837 to 1957 and for free. It gives you the name of the person registered, age at death, and the year of their registration.

How do I find the GRO index?

If you’re not local to Westminster, you may find that there is an index set available at a nearby local history centre or record office. To see a list of holders of the GRO indexes visit GOV.uk. Most public library services in the UK provide free access to the indexes via an online database subscription.

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