What does confy stand for in Missouri (USA) city directory?

What are US city directories?

City directories often provide additional information about individuals such as place of employment and name of spouse. The entries are arranged alphabetically by last name and also by address and telephone number. City directories are compiled through door-to-door surveys and are published at irregular intervals.

What does BDS stand for in old directories?

City Directory Abbreviations

ab above
b, bdg, bds boards (room and board)
bdg hse boarding house
bel below
bet between

What does R mean in city directories?


Resident Types

In early directories, ‘r’ means resident and ‘b’ means boarder. In later directories, ‘r’ means roomer/renter and ‘h’ means homeowner/householder.

How do I find city folders online?

Resources for Finding and Using Directories

  • Ancestry.com: City & Area Directories.
  • City Directories of the United States.
  • Cyndi’s List: Directories.
  • FamilySearch Wiki: US Directories.
  • Fold3.com: City Directories.
  • Google Books.
  • Internet Archive.
  • Library of Congress: 1997 Inventory of Criss-Cross Directories.

What does C mean in city directory?


Often a large city neighborhood or district name is included in a city directory listing. Occasionally forwarding addresses are included. African American residents were frequently indicated as “c” for “colored.” Renting and owning status are frequently indicated as “r” for resides/rooms or “h” for householder.

How was information collected for city directories?

They employed sales associates and census enumerators to go door to door to collect information, sell advertising and make sales for their new directories.

What does DVP mean in genealogy?

died without issue. Share D.V.P. Genealogy Abbreviation page.

What does EC mean in an address?

EC. European Community (archaic; European Union is preferred)

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