What do these East India Company military abbreviations mean?

What were the soldiers of the British East India Company called?

In the 18th century, the French East India Company and its other European counterparts employed locally recruited soldiers within India, mainly consisting of infantry designated as “sepoys“.

What is the abbreviation for the British Army?


BEF British Expeditionary Force
BFG British Forces Germany
BFPO British Forces Post Office
BG Battlegroup

Did the East India Company have an army?

At its height, it had an army of 260,000 (twice the size of Britain’s standing army) and was responsible for almost half of Britain’s trade. The subcontinent was now under the rule of the East India Company’s shareholders, who elected “merchant-statesmen” each year to dictate policy within its territory.

What is an Indian soldier called?


sepoy | Indian soldier | Britannica.

Who came first Dutch or English?

European Powers That Came To India

Europeans Came to India Year
Portuguese 1498 1500
Dutch 1602 1605
English 1600 1613
French 1664 1668

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