Were British Army families stationed overseas enumerated in any Census returns?

Why would someone be missing from the 1911 census?

The 1911 census and the suffragettes

In the second, women evaded the census by staying away from their home for the whole night, and so did not lodge their protest on the household schedule. In both cases, any details relating to individual women in the households will be missing from the census.

Why do people not appear on census?

There are a number of reasons a person might do a disappearing act from one census, only to reappear in the next one. Maybe your ancestor was in-transit, in the military, or incognito. Maybe the census taker couldn’t find him or he refused to answer the door.

How do I find my Army Records UK?

You can apply for either: your own service records if you are, or have been, a member of the armed forces.
Other ways to find service records

  1. the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website.
  2. the Armed Forces Memorial roll of honour.
  3. the National Archives.

Why is my ancestor not on the 1921 census?

So if your ancestor was not enumerated, it is likely to have been by accident rather than design. Or they might have been out of the country at the time of the census.

What happened to the 1931 census?

19th December 1942 – Mystery fire destroys 1931 census. Unfortunately during the night on Saturday, 19 December 1942, an extensive fire broke out at an Office of Works store in Hayes, Middlesex. It destroyed all the 1931 census records (apart from the Scottish census that was safely stored in Edinburgh).

Was there a 1921 Census in England?

The 1921 Census: the largest census release ever in England and Wales. On 19 June 1921, close to 38 million individuals in England and Wales completed a census return. From the details of those households will be available to search and view online for the first time.

Can you view the 1921 Census?

The 1921 Census is not immediately available within any subscription, including via libraries. It is only available via pay-per-view access for the initial period. Library patrons are still able to purchase 1921 Census returns like any other user via a personal account.

Why can’ti find my ancestor in the census UK?

He or she may have been a live-in servant or lodger, resident in a hospital or workhouse, or even on board a ship. Be open minded when conducting your search and don’t bypass those results which don’t match the address or town you have in mind.

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