Ways to find headstone names in Mexican cemeteries?

Tombstone Transcriptions Online

  1. Findagrave.com.
  2. Find A Grave Index at FamilySearch – How to Use This Collection.
  3. Find A Grave Memorials for State of Mexico.
  4. Billiongraves.com.
  5. BillionGraves Index at FamilySearch- How to Use This Collection.
  6. BillionGraves Page for State of Mexico – People Search.

How do I find a specific tombstone?

Go online to a burial website dedicated to locating gravestones: BillionGraves.com and FindAGrave.com are the two leading sites for this purpose. Volunteers take photos of gravestones and regularly upload them to both of these sites.

How much is a headstone in Mexico?

Mexico: average funeral costs of a burial 2020

Meanwhile, the main costs specific to burial are attributed to the coffin and the gravestone, each with an average price of 7,500 Mexican pesos.

What is a cemetery called in Mexico?

Panteón de Dolores

Main entrance to the Panteón de Dolores
Established 1875
Location Miguel Hidalgo borough, Mexico City
Country Mexico

Are burial locations public record?

The court found that names of individuals buried in the cemetery were death records, which are public under the state law.

How does dowsing for graves work?

How does this work? Some scientists say the rods pick up a disturbance in the earth’s magnetic field. Others say they pick up gases from decaying bodies. However, hold the dowsing rods over the body of a living person lying on the floor and the rods will also work.

Can a US citizen be buried in Mexico?

If you wish to bury or cremate your loved one either within 12 hours after death or after 48 hours following death, then you will require a permit from the Mexican health authorities.

How much does a cemetery plot cost in Mexico?

Meanwhile, in the case of a burial, those in charge of the organization of the funeral could pay over 40,000 pesos, which includes the high costs of the coffin, the burial plot and the gravestone.
Average cost of a funeral in Mexico in 2020, by type (in Mexican pesos)

Characteristic Average cost in Mexican pesos

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