Understanding DNA match of 2,559cM to grandparent

How much DNA do you share with your great grandfather?

Average Percent DNA Shared Between Relatives

Relationship Average % DNA Shared
Parent / Child 50% (but 47.5% for father-son relationships)
Full Sibling 50%
Grandparent / Grandchild Aunt / Uncle Niece / Nephew Half Sibling 25%
1st Cousin Great-grandparent Great-grandchild Great-Uncle / Aunt Great Nephew / Niece 12.5%

How many shared centimorgans is significant?

For example, you’ll usually share about 120 centimorgans with a 3rd cousin, but it’s possible to share as few as 90 or as many as 200.
What does the match confidence score mean?

Approximate amount of shared DNA (in centimorgans) Possible relationship
200—620 2nd cousin
90—180 3rd cousin
20—85 4th cousin
6—20 Distant cousin: 5th cousin — 8th cousins

How many DNA segments do you share with a grandparent?

What is this? We each inherit 50% of our mother and father’s DNA. Since your mother and father inherited 50% of their DNA from each of their parents (i.e. your grandparents), it is easy to understand how you probably share about 25% of your DNA with each grandparent.

What does cM shared mean on ancestry?

A centimorgan (abbreviated as “cM”) describes the length of a piece of DNA. It is a unit of measurement. More specifically, it measures the distance between two chromosome positions. A shared DNA segment is a chunk of genetic material shared between two individuals. The length of a segment is reported in centimorgans.

How many centimorgans do you share with a great grandparent?

In centimorgans, the unit of measurement used to determine genetic distance, we can expect to have inherited an average of about 930 cMs from any of our great-grandparents.

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