Understanding Bessarabia for genealogy?

What is Bessarabia called now?

Moldavian Republic

Definition. Bessarabia is a former region of Eastern Europe, comprising most of the current-day Moldavian Republic and a small piece of southern Ukraine.

Where does the name Bessarabia come from?

Etymology and usage of the name

According to the traditional explanation, the name Bessarabia (Basarabia in Romanian) derives from the Wallachian Basarab dynasty, who allegedly ruled over the southern part of the area in the 14th century.

What language is spoken in Bessarabia?

Bessarabian Bulgarian (besarabski bǎlgarski) is a variety of Bulgarian, spoken in the historical region of Bessarabia in present-day Ukraine (Oblast’ Odessa) and the Republic of Moldova.

Was Bessarabia in Ukraine?

Bessarabia forms the southwestern corner of Ukraine, lying between the Rivers Dniester and Danube, with Moldova to the north and Romania to the west. It was ruled first by the Ottoman Empire, then by a succession of Romanian, Russian, and Soviet overlords.

Is Bessarabia now Moldova?

Today, most of Bessarabia is in the Republic of Moldova, with northern and southern districts in Ukraine. Before 1812 it was part of the Principality of Moldova and its southernmost district, Budzhak, was under direct Ottoman rule.

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