Understanding Adv. abbreviation at end of 1921 Arkansas newspaper notice?

What is the AP style abbreviations for states?

How To Abbreviate Each State

Alabama (Ala.) Maryland (Md.) North Dakota (N.D.)
Arizona (Ariz.) Massachusetts (Mass.) Oklahoma (Okla.)
Arkansas (Ark.) Michigan (Mich.) Oregon (Ore.)
California (Calif.) Minnesota (Minn.) Pennsylvania (Pa.)
Colorado (Colo.) Mississippi (Miss.) Rhode Island (R.I.)

What months are abbreviated AP style?

Months. Abbreviate the names of months, sometimes. When referring to the month or the month and the year, do not abbreviate the month. But, when using a month with a specific date, abbreviate January (Jan.), February (Feb.), August (Aug.), September (Sept.), October (Oct.), November (Nov.), and December (Dec.).

What is CTO short for?

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

What is Rio stands for?


Acronym Definition
RIO Reintegration of Offenders
RIO Remote Input/Output
RIO Right, I’m Off
RIO Research Innovation Office (various locations)

What is the correct way to abbreviate States?

According to the Chicago Stylebook, state’s names should be completely spelled out (not abbreviated) when they stand alone and preferably (with the exception of DC) when a city precedes them. For example, I visited South Carolina over spring break.

How do you abbreviate states in a press release?

Follow these Associated Press guidelines for the U.S. states: STANDING ALONE: Spell out the names of the 50 states when they stand alone in textual material. DON’T ABBREVIATE EIGHT: The names of eight states are never abbreviated in text: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Texas and Utah.

What does AP stand for?

Advanced Placement

The abbreviation AP stands for Advanced Placement — a series of subject examinations administered by The College Board in cooperation with high schools and colleges across the country.

How do you write month and date in AP style?

Formatting Dates, Days, Months, Times, and Years in AP Style

  1. Dates: Follow this format: Monday (day), July 1 (month + date), 2018 (year).
  2. Times: Don’t use colons for times on the hour. …
  3. Days: Omit st., th., rd., and th. …
  4. Months: Abbreviate Jan., Feb., Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov.

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