Understanding 1939 Registration district numbers?

What does the codes mean on the 1939 Register?

A three-letter code might be an area code, where a person moved to another district (exact addresses were not updated on the Central Register). Sometimes a code might be the serial number of the form used to notify a change of some kind – these often start with ‘NR’ then a number.

What information does the 1939 Register contain?

1939 Register records are very similar to census records. The records list each resident of each household in England and Wales and give each individual’s full name; address; date of birth; marital status; occupation; and whether the individual was a member of the armed services or reserves.

Why are some names blacked out on the 1939 census?

This is down to privacy regulations preventing us from publishing records of anyone born less than 100 years ago and still alive. The Register was updated until 1991, meaning the record of anyone who died after 1991 might still be closed.

What does Ed letter code mean?

The ED letter code is based on this three digit area code plus an additional sequential letter. Clearly there are a number of EDs within Southwell RD (one of which is ROLQ). Presumably each enumeration district had specific boundaries – otherwise people could be easily duplicated.

How do I search 1939 Register?

You can search for and view open records on our partner site Findmypast.co.uk (charges apply). A version of the 1939 Register is also available at Ancestry.co.uk (charges apply), and transcriptions without images are on MyHeritage.com (charges apply).

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