Tracing ancestors in 20th century Romania?

Does ancestry have records from Romania?

We believe our organization’s mission is unique. As family historians, we are learning together how to use records to trace our Romanian ancestry and to discover details about our ancestors’ lives, whether they lived in Romania or other parts of Europe, in the United States, or in Canada.

How do I find my birth records in Romania?

There is no central office for vital records in Romania. To obtain copies of birth, marriage, divorce, or death records, write to the Civil Registration District Office in the Town Hall where the event occurred. Vital records are on file from 1865 and in many cases, from much earlier.

What is Romanian ancestry?

According to the south-of-the-Danube origin theory, the Romanians’ ancestors, a combination of Romans and Romanized peoples of Illyria, Moesia and Thrace, moved northward across the Danube river into modern-day Romania.

How do families trace their origin?

Genealogists use oral interviews, historical records, genetic analysis, and other records to obtain information about a family and to demonstrate kinship and pedigrees of its members. The results are often displayed in charts or written as narratives.

How do I find marriage records in Romania?

You need to go to the specific Town Hall where the certificate was issued. In Romania, there are 320 cities and over 2700 parishes (‘comune’) which can issue birth / marriage / death certificates and multilingual extracts.

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