Template or Tool for Comparing Y-DNA Results

How do you match Y DNA?

If the Y DNA is passed from father to son, without any unexpected nonpaternal events or adoptions in the mix, then the surname and the Y DNA will match since the advent of surnames in the culture where the original ancestor that adopted that surname was born.

Why do my Y DNA matches have different surnames?

A Branch of the Family Adopted a Different Surname

Another common explanation for unexpected matches with different surnames is that either your or your DNA match’s branch of the family adopted a different surname at some point.

What is a YDNA test?

Y-DNA tests

Y-chromosome testing uncovers a male’s Y-chromosome haplogroup, the ancient group of people from whom one’s patrilineage descends. Because only one’s male-line direct ancestors are traced by Y-DNA testing, no females (nor their male ancestors) from whom a male descends are encapsulated in the results.

What are Y DNA markers?

The Y chromosome is currently by far the most popular marker in genetic genealogy that combines genetic data and family history. This popularity is based on its haploid character and its close association with the patrilineage and paternal inherited surname.

Does 23andMe test Y-DNA?

23andMe does not offer DNA testing kits for mtDNA tests or Y-DNA tests. Additionally, one important difference exists between each company’s raw DNA data files.

What does a 25 marker match mean?

These numbers are only probabilities. For example, an exact match on 25 markers means there is a 94.2% probability of a common ancestor within 12 generations (roughly 300 years) or less. On the other hand, there is a 5.8% chance—small, but not insignificant—that the common ancestor lived more than 12 generations ago.

How many markers does Y-chromosome have?

There have been over 200 STR markers identified on the y-chromosome, but not all are variable enough for genealogical purposes. Testing companies currently test between 10 and 43 markers.

How many cM do you share with an uncle?


Relationship Range in percentages Range in centiMorgans
Parent / child 50% ~3719 CM
Father / son (no X sharing) 47.54% ~3536 cM
Full sibling 38% – 61% 2826 – 4537 cM
Grandparent / grandchild; Aunt / uncle; Niece / nephew; Half siblings 17% – 34% 1264 – 2529 cM

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