Spelling Alternatives for Lithuanian Surnames

How do last names work in Lithuania?

By tradition, Lithuanians have two names – the surname, inherited from one’s father (more rarely, from mother) and the given name. Surnames appeared in Lithuania with the introduction of Christianity when at baptism people were given a Christian name which was, as a rule, used before the ethnic name.

Why do Lithuanian surnames end in aite?

About Patronymic Forms of Lithuanian Surnames

The typical Lithuanian surname suffix endings -aitis, -avičius, and -evičius are all patronymic suffixes. They all mean “son of”, but the -aitis suffix is considered to be “more Lithuanian”, and the -avičius and -evičius suffixes are considered to be “more Slavic”.

What is the most common last name in Lithuania?

Kazlauskas –

Kazlauskas – This is the most common surname in Lithuania.

Do all Lithuanian names end in as?

Sex differentiation. Lithuanian male and female names are distinguished grammatically. Almost all Lithuanian female names end in the vowels -a or -ė, while male names almost always end in -s, and rarely in a vowel -a or -ė, e.g. Mozė (Moses).

What are common surnames in Lithuania?

Here is the list of 60 popular Lithuanian last names with their meanings.

  • Adomaitis. ‘Adomaitis’ is the Lithuanian surname derived from the Hebrew name ‘Adam’, meaning ‘Earth’.
  • Andris. This Lithuanian last name is of Greek origin. …
  • Backus. …
  • Bagdonas. …
  • Balchunas. …
  • Balkus. …
  • Balthis. …
  • Banis.

Is Shimkus a Lithuanian name?

Shimkus is a phonetic spelling of the Lithuanian surname Šimkus, derived from the name Simon, and may refer to: Carley Shimkus (born 1986), American television journalist.

What does zukauskas mean?

Žukauskas is the masculine form of a Lithuanian family name. It derives from the Slavic word zhuk for “bug”. Polish counterpart: Żukowski, Russian counterpart: Zhukovsky. Its feminine forms are: Žukauskienė (married woman or widow) and Žukauskaitė (unmarried woman).

What does Daiva mean in Lithuanian?

The name Daiva is primarily a female name of Lithuanian origin that means Beloved Or Supernatural Entity. Slavic, feminine form of the name David (“beloved”) or an Avestan language term for a supernatural entity with disagreeable characteristics, called a “daeva” or “daiva.”

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