Sharing GRAMPS database between 2 computers

How do I share my Gramps family tree?

First create a new empty Family Tree. Then select the menu Family Trees ->Import or the keybinding CTRL + I then use the Import Family Tree dialog to select the GEDCOM file you want to import, depending on the the type of GEDCOM you may then see the GEDCOM Encoding dialog.

Where does Gramps store data?

Gramps creates a hidden directory in your home directory called . gramps containing all the user-specific data. There is a directory in that directory called grampsdb (eg /Users/yourname/. gramps/grampsdb) that contains all your data stored in individual directories for each family tree.

How do I backup my gramps?

From the menu select Family Trees > Make Backup… The Gramps XML Backup window will appear. You can enter the path where the backup should be stored manually or using the path selector button. You can enter a file name manually or use the automatically generated file name.

What is a .gramps file?

Gramps (formerly GRAMPS, an acronym for Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System) is a free and open source genealogy software. Gramps is programmed in Python using PyGObject. It uses Graphviz to create relationship graphs. Gramps.

Is Gramps any good?

Gramps Review by Peter, May 9, 2021

This is the most sophisticated and powerful genealogy software that I have found. It certainly does the most useful large charts. Like all genealogy programmes, there is a learning curve to figure out how it works. Gramps has lots of support available from the website.

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