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Why do some Strava segments not show?

Depending on the number of times a segment is viewed, that segment is either shown on the ride by default or “hidden” due to a low popularity rating. The user has the ability to customize which segments are shown on Activity Detail pages and which are not.

Can segments be deleted on Strava?

After you have created a new segment, you have the option to edit or delete the segment. This will only work for segments you’ve created with your own data.

How accurate are Strava segments?

Registered. I’ve found strava segments to be extremely accurate, If I’m with someone and finish a segment 2 seconds faster than them that’s what shows up on the strava feed.

Does Strava know when segments start?

You will be alerted when approaching the start of a segment that’s on your device, and when the segment starts. Please be aware that Live Segments are only available for riding and running activities.

What happened Strava segments?

Today, Strava sold its segmented soul. At least, if you believe Strava Segments are the soul of what makes Strava, well, Strava. – Strava is removing the leaderboard from all 3rd party apps: If you’re using one of the 44,000 3rd party apps out there to do anything with Segments, this likely just broke it.

Are Strava segments directional?

They are uni-directional i.e. work one-way only.

How do strava segments get named?

Good names describe the segment in a way that will be recognizable by other people. It can be helpful to include the name of the landmarks used for the start and end or use a familiar nickname known to locals. Finally, decide if the segment is private.

Can you delete a segment?

Locate the segment you want to delete. Right-click the segment and click Delete.

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