Seeking World War 1 Military Records of German ancestor

Where can I find German military records?

The National Archives and Records Administration

The National Archives and Records Administration in the United States has a collection of records for the German military. See Record Group 242, titled “Collection of Foreign Records Seized” for more details. Additionally, prisoner of war records of German servicemen also can be located at the National Archives.

How do I find out if my ancestors fought in WW1?

State Adjutant General offices usually have records of those serving in the National Guard, so if that is where your WWI ancestor served, you may find records of them there. You can also check the National Archives in St.

How do I find my grandfather’s military records for free?

You can request a copy of the Veteran’s military records in any of these ways:

  1. Mail or fax a Request Pertaining to Military Records (Standard Form SF 180) to the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC). …
  2. Write a letter to the NPRC. …
  3. Visit the NPRC in person.
  4. Contact your state or county Veterans agency.

How can I find out where my grandfather served in WW1?

You can find veterans’ military service records from World War I to the present from the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC). The NPRC houses many types of records, including Official Military Personnel Files (OMPF).

Are there German war graves?

There are more than 350 CWGC sites around the world that contain a German War Grave, the majority of which contain fewer than 10 German casualties. Our cemeteries that contain the largest numbers of WW1 German casualties are mostly on the Western Front.

What were the names of German soldiers?

Wehrmacht, (German: “defense power”) the armed forces of the Third Reich. The three primary branches of the Wehrmacht were the Heer (army), Luftwaffe (air force), and Kriegsmarine (navy).

How do I find a relative who served in ww1?

FamilySearch has a robust collection of World War I records that can help you find your ancestors and understand their stories. Here are a few to get you started: United States World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917–1918.

How do you find out what your ancestors did in the military?

Begin your research with family and home sources. You may already know of ancestors who were in the military. You may find evidence that an ancestor served in the military from family traditions, census records, naturalization records, biographies, cemetery records, or records of veterans organizations.

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