Seeking tools to analyse 23andme raw data?

The Best 23andMe Raw Data Analysis Tools

  1. Xcode Life. Xcode Life offers a variety of packages, so you can order exactly what you want. …
  2. DNA Land. If you are interested in finding extended ancestry information and basic health information, DNA Land offers free assessment packages. …
  3. Nutrahacker. …
  4. Promethease. …
  5. Genomelink.

How do I analyze 23andMe raw data?

Accessing your raw genetic data is surprisingly straightforward. First, submit your saliva sample to 23andme. Then, once they’ve analyzed your sample, wait for them to analyze your genome. After your reports are ready, you can download a copy of the results in just a few clicks.

What can I search in 23andMe raw data?

Use your genetic data to find out about:

  • Top 10 Genes to Check using your 23andMe data.
  • Brain and Mood Genes.
  • Longevity and healthy aging.
  • Autoimmune disease risk and causes.

Is Promethease useful?

Promethease is an excellent tool for getting more out of your digitized genetic data, by exploring the genetic variants that you possess.

What can I do with my raw DNA data?

After receiving personalized genetic reports from 23andMe, customers can choose to download their raw DNA data. Some customers may do this in order to upload their data to third-party services, which offer to interpret their raw DNA data to find new genetic relatives or get additional genetic reports.

What does Promethease test for?

Promethease is a computer program developed by the SNPedia team which allows users to compare personal genomics results against the SNPedia database, generating a report with information about a person’s attributes, such as propensity to diseases, based on the presence of specific single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) …

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