Seeking records of ancestor born in Lemberg/Lviv (Ukraine) in 1913?

How can I trace my ancestors in Ukraine?

Check family records and community histories, and search the internet to identify Ukrainian places of worship where your ancestors lived in America. Contact the church or synagogue directly with records requests, or if it no longer exists, a regional office.

How do I find birth records in Ukraine?

Such metrical records can be found at the State Archives of Ukraine for each oblast (province) for records older than 70 years, or at Civil Registry Offices for each rayon (county) for newer records. While the archives are open to the public, Civil Registry Offices require proof of kinship to release records.

When did Lviv become Ukraine?


After the German-Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939, Lviv became part of the Soviet Union, and in 1944–46 there was a population exchange between Poland and Soviet Ukraine. In 1991, it became part of the independent nation of Ukraine.

How can I track my family in Ukraine?

National Archives database– Worth searching to see if records can be found on relatives and ancestors with the free search engine. Phone directories:– A great address and phone directory for many cities of Russia and Ukraine. The database of all registered Ukrainians can be found here.

What ancestry are Ukrainians?

Ukrainians (Ukrainian: Українці, romanized: Ukraintsi, pronounced [ʊkrɐˈjinʲts⁽ʲ⁾i]), or the Ukrainian people, are an East Slavic ethnic group native to Ukraine. They are the seventh-largest nation in Europe and the second-largest among the East Slavs after the Russians.

What is the most popular religion in Ukraine?

Religion in Ukraine is diverse, with a majority of the population adhering to Christianity. A 2018 survey conducted by the Razumkov Centre found that 71.7% of the population declared themselves believers.

When did Ukraine become part of Russia?

While right-bank Ukraine belonged to the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth until late 1793, left-bank Ukraine had been incorporated into Tsardom of Russia in 1667 (under the Treaty of Andrusovo).

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