Seeking mother’s German passport

Can I get a German passport if my mother is German?

Can I get a German passport? German passports are only issued to German citizens. Having German ancestors resp. the fact that your father and/or your mother was/were born in Germany is unfortunately not enough to attain German citizenship.

Can you get a German passport by descent?

You have to apply for German citizenship by descent through the German embassy in your country of residence or the Federal Office of Administration (BVA) in Germany. You must have all the required proof of your paternity and family history (birth certificates, family books, etc.) before submitting your application.

Who qualifies for German citizenship by descent?

The three main factors which determine one’s claim to German citizenship are: Whether they were born in or out of wedlock. The date of their birth. Which of the parents was a German citizen (the mother or the father).

Can I get a German passport if my mother has one?

If you do have family ties, then you may be eligible to apply for German citizenship by descent. This means that if one of your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents was a German citizen, then you may also be one!

Can I get German citizenship through my mother?

In general, German citizenship is not established through birth on German territory but by descent from a German legal mother and/or a German legal father.

Who qualifies for a German passport?

German citizenship is mainly acquired and passed on through descent from a German parent. The parent has to be German citizen at the time of the birth of the child. Children who are born to former German citizens do not acquire German citizenship.

Is dual citizenship allowed in Germany?

As a rule, no. One aim of German nationality law is to avoid creating multiple nationality through naturalization as far as possible. However, there are exceptions for cases of special hardship. For more information please contact your local naturalization authority.

How do you get citizenship by descent?

Citizenship by descent is a means whereby an individual is eligible to claim citizenship if his/her parents, grandparents, or sometimes even great-grandparents hail from a given country. The person who’s applying for CBD will have to provide proof of his/her bloodline to the government to qualify.

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