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Where is the Robinson family originally from?

Robinson is an English language patronymic surname, originating in England. It means “son of Robin (a diminutive of Robert)”.
Robinson (name)

Region of origin England
Other names
Variant form(s) Hopkins, Robertson, Robyns, Robins, Robben, Robens, Robbings, Robeson, Robison
Frequency comparisons;

What ethnicity is Robinson?


Robinson is an ancient Anglo-Saxon name that is derived from the baptismal name Robin, which was the diminutive of the personal name Robert. Patronymic surnames arose out of the vernacular and religious given name traditions.

Where does your surname originate from?

The majority of surnames are derived from the name of a male ancestor. These evolved from pre-existing non-permanent naming customs whereby an individual was identified by reference to a male ancestor or ancestors.

How were surnames first created from what source S is their origination?

English surnames began as a way of identifying a certain aspect of that individual, such as by trade, father’s name, location of birth, or physical features, and were not necessarily inherited. By 1400 most English families, and those from Lowland Scotland, had adopted the use of hereditary surnames.

Is Robinson a Scottish clan?

The saga of the Robison family name begins among the people of an ancient Scottish tribe called the Picts. The Robison name is derived from the personal name Robert. This name is composed of the old English elements hroth, which means fame, and berht, which means bright.

What is the Robinson family crest?

Robinson Coat of Arms / Robinson Family Crest

Coat of Arms: Green with a gold chevron between three gold stags. Crest: A gold stag emerging from a crown. Motto: Foi est tout. Spelling variations include: Robinson, Robenson, Robbison, Robbinson, and others.

Is Robinson Irish or Scottish?

Robinson Family History

Variants include Robison, Robson, Robeson, Robin, Robins, Robbins, Robyn and McRobin. This name is of Anglo-Norman descent spreading to Ireland, Scotland and Wales in early times and is found in many mediaeval manuscripts in the above countries.

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