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How do I search the 1860 census?

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  4. Is the 1860 census online?

    The 1860 Federal Census is available online.

    What happened to the 1860 census records?

    Due to escalating tensions as a result of the Civil War, the 1860 Census only includes abbreviated reports. Although these reports were shortened, there were no major data losses. In the 1860 and 1850 census years, there was a separate slave questionnaire.

    Was there an 1860 federal census?

    The official enumeration day of the 1860 census was 1 June 1860. All questions asked were supposed to refer to that date. By 1860, there were a total of thirty-three states in the Union, with Minnesota and Oregon being the latest editions. There were no substantial state- or district-wide losses.

    How can I view US census records online for free?

    The National Archives has the census schedules on microfilm available from 1790 to 1940, and free online access is available through our digitization partners at any National Archives facility.

    Which census can I view for free?

    Some transcripts of census records covering England, Wales and Scotland are available free of charge on Statistics on coverage are listed, by county, on their website.

    Are census records public?

    Records from the censuses of population and housing are publicly accessible 72 years after each decennial census’ “Census Day.” The most recent publicly available census records are from the 1940 census, released April 2, 2012.

    Can I search census by address?

    How to use address search. To start using the address search tool, select ‘Search’ from the site menu and then ‘addresses’. You’ll be taken to our address search page where you can choose to search all record collections that recorded addresses, including the 1939 Register and most recently the 1921 Census.

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