Seeking computer-based family-tree software for Mac/PC?

Is there a Mac version of Family Tree Maker?

Got a Mac’ Today announced the launch of Family Tree Maker for Mac, the new Mac version of the world’s No. -1 selling family genealogy software. It is available for purchase online starting at $69.99.

Does Apple have a family tree app?

Explore your ancestry with MacFamilyTree. Among genealogy apps, MacFamilyTree has quite a history. The app debuted almost 25 years ago, back when researching your ancestors relied more on a visit to your great-aunt than mail-in DNA analysis.

What is the latest version of Family Tree Maker for Mac?

Family Tree maker 2019

It is the latest version of family tree maker. FTM 2019 released on . It is compatible with Windows 7 or later, it is also compatible with Windows 10 + Mac OS Catalina 10.15.

How do I install Family Tree Maker on my Mac?

For Mac users:-

Click on the finder which should be in the left-hand bottom corner of your screen. Please click on the application and then right-click on Family Tree maker software and then click on move to the bin.

Does Mac family tree sync with Ancestry?

Does Family Tree Maker 2019 sync with Ancestry®? Yes. In 2016, we announced the purchase of Family Tree Maker software by Software MacKiev and continued to support Family Tree Maker for a year, working closely with MacKiev to make sure you’d have the ability to upload, download, and sync Family Tree Maker to Ancestry.

Does RootsMagic work on a Mac?

We are pleased to announce that RootsMagic 7 is now available for Apple computers running macOS 10.15 Catalina. When Catalina was released last October, it required all applications to be 64-bit applications. This, unfortunately, broke the wrapper that allowed RootsMagic to run on macOS.

What is the best free family tree app?

Best Family Tree Apps

  • Ancestry (Free) …
  • FamilySearch Tree (Free) …
  • MyHeritage – Family Tree (Free) …
  • Find a Grave (Free) …
  • TreeView (Free)

Is there a free family tree app?

On your Android tablet or your iPad, on your iPhone or Android smartphone, HEREDIS’s free mobile app allows you to add and modify persons, to send your family trees by email and to print them, to consult and add to your media collection, to view, browse, and to share your family trees with your Mac and PC software.

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