Searching shoebox on sites?

Finding your Shoebox You’ll find your Shoebox on your Ancestry homepage. To get to your homepage, click Ancestry in the top-left corner any page on Ancestry. Scroll down until you see the Shoebox section. To see the records in your Shoebox, click See more.

What is the best way to search on Ancestry?

  1. Add Names. Type in the full name of your ancestor, if you know it. …
  2. Add Dates. Adding birth and/or death dates can really help your search. …
  3. Add Places. Be as specific as you can—if you know the city, start with it; if you don’t know the city, start with the county; if all else fails, try the state or country.
  4. Why is Ancestry search not working?

    If Ancestry is not displaying correctly, automatic sign in no longer works, or pages are freezing or loading slowly, try clearing your temporary internet files (cache and cookies).

    How do I use Ancestry search?

    From any page on Ancestry, click the Search tab and select All Collections from the drop-down menu. To search a specific type of record, select that record type from the drop-down menu instead. To search with extra facts, click the Show more options link.

    Can you search for free on Ancestry?

    Several of’s collections are free, so you will be able to view full details (provided you’re signed in to an account, which is free to create). Some highlights as of time of writing include the 1940 US federal census, Find a Grave memorial listings and US naturalization records.

    What does the star after the name mean on Ancestry?

    Ancestry® uses the asterisk (*) and the question mark (?) as wild cards. An asterisk (*) represents zero to five characters. If you wanted to search for different spellings of the name Matthew (like Mathew and Matthiu), you could do a wild card search that would find each different ending: Mat*.

    How do I find my family tree on Ancestry?

    From any page on Ancestry, click Search and select Public Member Trees. Enter information about someone you want to find and click Search. From the list of search results, click a name to learn more. To see all trees containing that person, click View all.

    Why is ancestry com so slow?

    If you have insufficient space for your cache, you may experience freezing or slow loading times. And if your cookies are not removed regularly, your browser may attempt to sign you into websites using old or invalid information.

    How do I update my family tree Maker?

    If you never registered you can do so under the “Help” drop down (top left) in your software. This is also where you can find out what version of the program you have if you are unsure (click on “About” under the “Help” drop down). Once registered, you can sign up for updates from MacKiev here.

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