Relationship between Baldwin II and IV of the Crusades?

Baldwin again repelled Saladin in 1182, but leprosy rendered him blind and unable to walk or use his hands in 1183. He disinherited Guy and had Sibylla’s son, Baldwin V, crowned co-king before having himself taken in a litter to lift Saladin’s siege of Kerak.

Baldwin IV of Jerusalem.

Baldwin IV
Mother Agnes of Courtenay

Why was Baldwin II of Jerusalem important?

Baldwin accused Joscelin of treason for seizing the prosperous town of Turbessel from him in 1113 and captured the neighboring Armenian lordships in 1116 and 1117. Baldwin of Boulogne, the first king of Jerusalem, died on 2 April 1118.
Baldwin II of Jerusalem.

Baldwin II
Mother Melisende of Montlhéry

Was Baldwin a crusader?

He received the County of Verdun in 1096, but he soon joined the crusader army of his brother Godfrey of Bouillon and became one of the most successful commanders of the First Crusade.

Did Baldwin IV defeat Saladin?

The battle of Montgisard is alluded to in the 2005 movie Kingdom of Heaven, as a battle where King Baldwin IV defeated Saladin when he was sixteen. It was also described in the novel Jerusalem, written by Cecelia Holland.

When was Baldwin V crowned co King of Jerusalem alongside the leper King Baldwin IV?

August 1177 – August 1186

Finally his nephew was chosen, and Baldwin IV had him crowned as co-king in order to sideline the child’s unpopular stepfather, Guy of Lusignan.

Who was Baldwin in the Crusades?

Baldwin II, byname Baldwin of Bourcq, French Baudouin du Bourcq, (died August 1131, Jerusalem), count of Edessa (1100–18), king of Jerusalem (1118–31), and Crusade leader whose support of the religious-military orders founded during his reign enabled him to expand his kingdom and to withstand Muslim attacks.

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