Recording Research Logs / Plans

How do you keep a research log?

Keeping a Research Log

Start your research log as soon as you begin your search for information sources. Do your online research in one window of your computer; keep your research log open in a second window. As you conduct your research, use your log to keep an informal yet detailed record of your research process.

What is the purpose of a research log?

A research log is a comprehensive list of sources you already searched, or plan to search including the purpose of each search (what you want to find), a summary of significant findings and where your copies are, notations showing sources searched where you found nothing, and plenty of comments about your search …

Why should you keep a research log?

Research Logs help students document their research strategy and keep track of where they found their sources. Instructors can require students to turn this document in with their papers.

What are the five steps to a successful DNA research plan?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

  • Ask questions.
  • Look for information.
  • Speculate about the answer.
  • Establish the facts.
  • Explore what else should be researched (like DNA)

What is a research diary?

Definition. A research diary is a written record of the researcher’s activities, thoughts and feelings throughout the research process from design, through data collection and analysis to writing and presenting the study.

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