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What does FS mean on an old census?

F.S. ~ Female Servant (1841 Census)

How accurate are ages in 1841 census?

In general, the age of a person under 15 is probably accurate to within a year or two. For persons over 15, any age that is not a multiple of 5 is likely also to be accurate – for example, if a person is listed as 27, he or she probably really is 27 or thereabouts, rather than 25.

Was there an 1831 census?

The 1801-1831 censuses are generally neither indexed nor transcribed, making any digitised collection from that era a rare treasure. These censuses were predominantly head counts, taken by Overseers of the Poor to procure an understanding of population growth.

Is there an 1841 census for England?

The 1841 census is the first modern UK census to record the details of every person and household in Britain, and the earliest census that has survived in its entirety.

What does MS mean on 1841 census?

1841 Census Occupations Abbreviations

1841 Census Occupations Abbreviations
m. Maker etc.
Mason Ap. Mason Apprentice
M.S. Male Servant (does not mention their particular duties)
Navy Members of the HM Naval Forces, which included marines

What does MS and FS mean in 1841 census?

Re: F. S. / M. S. as occupation in 1841 UK Census

1841 Maker – as in ‘Shoe m. ‘ MS 1841 Male servant.

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