Preservation of original documents and photographs

Its experts suggest storing your prints and papers in cool temperatures (about 73 degrees or below), and 30 to 40 percent relative humidity. The best storage spaces are also ventilated and have minimal air pollution.

What is the best way to preserve old documents?

Properly store your documents.

Store documents flat in a cool, dry, and dark area. Papers should always be stored in acid-free, alkaline materials (like boxes, folders, or mats) or in polyester film folders. Never keep your documents in a damp or humid areas, such as basements, attics, or bathrooms.

How do you preserve old letters and documents?

Preserving your old letters

  1. Prep your workspace. Thoroughly wash and dry your hands. …
  2. Unfold and remove any bindings. Remove any staples, paper clips, or any other metal attaching papers together. …
  3. Scan or take photos of every page, including the envelope. …
  4. Place in your archival storage. …
  5. Store properly. …
  6. Other tips.

What is the best way to preserve old photos?

Experts say that the best way to preserve old photos is to store them in archival boxes, handle them sparingly and never expose them to light.

How do you preserve printed paper?

Store your images and photo paper in a cool, humid-free environment. Keep your prints in an acid-free storage box or print sleeve to prolong their life and minimize fading.

How do you store paper documents long term?

Caring for Your Paper Documents

  1. Store papers in a cool, dry, dark environment.
  2. Heat and humidity can cause paper to become brittle or moldy, and light can cause fading or yellowing.
  3. Store papers in archival containers.
  4. Boxes, paper sleeves, folders, or mats should always be preservation quality.

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